Mar. 2-8, 1919

Mar. 2

Went to church and S.S. had dinner at Williams’, helped Catherine with the dishes, layed on the bed and talked all aft. Went up town and got some candy, had lunch, went to League and church, wrote to Edgar and went to bed at 11.

Mar. 3

Went to school and finished exams, studied.

Mar 4

Went to school. They got a message that Edgar is awful sick and for Mr. Williams to come. Mabel wanted me to go so I came home at noon and got ready in a hurry, the train left at 3. had supper at Conde, on the train all night and nearly roasted, arrived at St. Paul about 9. got to Rochester at 1:30 in the daytime, Edgar died at 1:50 this morning, he suffered terrible but was conscious to the last. He said he wasn’t afraid to go. had a cafeteria dinner, couldn’t eat much, went to the “undertakers”. there we viewed the corpse. the poor kid looked just terrible. he is so thin, Mrs. Williams took his lodge pin off and gave it to me, he had a nice new suit, just what I liked. He will never know how I love him. Stayed at the Florence hotel in room 31. slept with Mrs. William’s cousin, cried myself to sleep. the worst day I ever spent in my life. Oh why do I have to be left alone.

Mar 6

Got up at 6 and started home at 6:45, got to St. Paul about 11. Had dinner, rested in the depot. Went up to the business part of the city, rather nice place but awful dirty, got Edgar a $5 boquet of flowers, went to a millinary store, stayed at the depot until supper time. Had supper and went for a walk. Waited for our train until 8:30, slept from 10 to 12.

Mar 7

Some drunken boys got on the train and they just acted terrible, they were a Basket Ball Team, two of them were not drunk, one came and apologized to Mrs. Williams and I for the way the others acted. So nervouse I couldn’t sleep until about 3. Arrived at Conde about 8. Just had to wait a few minutes, got home about 1:30. I just hated to come back to Cresbard knowing that Edgar would never be here again. All the Williams’ were at the train, also mother-papa-Flossie & the Sheldons. Had dinner at Williams’ but couldn’t eat. I came home about 5 o’clock. I just thot I couldn’t bear to come in the house. looked at pictures of Edgar and read his letters. Poor boy he wanted so to get well so we could be happy together, took a bath and went to bed at 8.

Mar. 8

Slept until nearly 10, mama pressed my skirt and veil, got ready, ate dinner, went down to Williams’ at 1 o’clock, I walked with Catherine and the funeral was at 2. There was an awful lot of flowers and they were lovely. Mr. Sheldon talked awful nice and the singing was nice too. They sang Beautiful Isle of Somewhere, Jesus Savior Pilot Me and Saved by Grace and Harriet played a funeral march. I had my last long look at Edgar about 3:15, he looked awful – not at all like he really was. Billy, Tommy, Mahlon, Basil, Gerald, and Andy were pall bearers. They put my flowers and card in with Edgar. went out to the cemetery there I had to leave him forever. got back at 4 o’clock, stayed at Williams’ all night. looked at all the flowers, read letters of sympathy, helped get supper, went to bed at about 9. Aunt Emily Williams acted awful crazy. Aunt Leah threw a glass of water on her. Catherine and I slept together in Edgar’s bed.

I don’t think there is much more I want to say about this today. I’m going to let Clara speak for herself. But next installment, I will provide quite a bit of commentary on what she writes here.

5 thoughts on “Mar. 2-8, 1919

  1. Oh my gosh, I gasped when I read about Edgar. I got teary reading poor Clara’s entries. You are good Vickie!


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