Jan. 2 – Jan. 26, 1919

Jan. 2 Got dinner at noon, ironed after school. Bessie came up again to stay all night. Went to choir practice. I had to play, went to see Harriet. Got home at 11. Awful cold. Jan. 3 Just common occurrences. went to see Harriet and she is pretty sick. started to embroider a tray cloth.

Dec. 27, 1918-Jan. 1, 1919

Dec. 27 Ironed, fixed some of my clothes that needed it, went over town, got photos of Grace and Arthur, went to see Mrs. Jones but she wasn’t home, went to choir practice, went to bed at 1. Dec. 28 Cleaned up the house, made the cutest little critome cover for my cedar chest, madeContinue reading “Dec. 27, 1918-Jan. 1, 1919”