Sept. 19 and 24, 1919

Sept. 19 Have been rushing for a week getting ready to go to California. Papa, Mama, Flossie, myself, and trunks all went to Northville. Took the 4 o’clock train. Got our thru tickets at Huron and on our train at 8. Slept in a berth. nothing unusual happened. Stopped at Lexington, Nebr. Over Sunday andContinue reading “Sept. 19 and 24, 1919”

May 23 and June 10, 1919

May 23 Woke up feeling bad of course after such a night I spent. Got ready and went to Harriet’s shower. Wore my pink dress. Harriet certainly is happy and she got beautiful presents. The “four girls” served. June 10 Harriet’s Wedding Day. I was “bridesmaid” and wore my pink dress. Went down at 10Continue reading “May 23 and June 10, 1919”

Mar. 9-16, 1919

Mar. 9 We all went to church and sat together. didn’t stay for S.S. Helped get dinner, went over to Sheldon’s and up in the S.S. room, was at Sheldon’s for supper, went to church with Catherine and Andy, came home with the kids in the sled. I just hate to come home without EdgarContinue reading “Mar. 9-16, 1919”

Mar. 2-4, 1919

If you haven’t read the previous post, titled Mar. 2-8, 1919, read that first by clicking here. The next few installments, including this one, will be the commentary for seven extremely difficult days for Clara. Mar. 2 Went to church and S.S. had dinner at Williams’, helped Catherine with the dishes, layed on the bedContinue reading “Mar. 2-4, 1919”

Mar. 2-8, 1919

Mar. 2 Went to church and S.S. had dinner at Williams’, helped Catherine with the dishes, layed on the bed and talked all aft. Went up town and got some candy, had lunch, went to League and church, wrote to Edgar and went to bed at 11. Mar. 3 Went to school and finished exams,Continue reading “Mar. 2-8, 1919”

Feb. 16 – March 1, 1919

Feb. 16 Got up at 8. got breakfast, went to church and S.S. got dinner, rested, went to church again. Made sherbet. Wrote to Edgar and went to bed at 11. Feb. 17 Got breakfast, went to school. Prof. and I got along pretty good, washed dishes after school, got a good supper. went downContinue reading “Feb. 16 – March 1, 1919”

Feb. 8-15, 1919

Feb. 8 Saturdays work, crocheted two ends for a towel and finished one side of some insertions for pillow slips, washed my hair, took a bath, read, got supper. Feb. 9 Went to S.S and church. helped get dinner. Eudora was here. went to practice, got sick, rested from 4 to 6. got ready forContinue reading “Feb. 8-15, 1919”

Feb. 2-7, 1919

Feb. 2 Went to church and S.S. storming today, studied, Edgar and Gerald came, went to League and church, had supper after church, took possession of a squeaky chair until 12:30. Feb. 3 On the current event list this morning. Came home direct from school and helped wash. crocheted, studied, went to bed at 9.