Nov. 8-14, 1918

Nov. 8 Finished my sleeve, got my stuff from Sears, greatly pleased. Had oysters for supper and ate by candle light – some style, heard that Edgar got up today. Owen Pugh and Mildred Mayer died today. It sure is awful. practiced 40 minutes. Nov. 9 Saturday’s work. Finished a doily, took a bath, wentContinue reading “Nov. 8-14, 1918”

Oct. 18-24, 1918

1918 Influenza Pandemic 1918 Oct. 18 Helped get breakfast, cleaned the dining room, practiced, wrote to Florence, took my music lesson. Edgar came, had ice-cream and took some medicine down to Mahlon and Viola, went to be at 12. got our pictures. Oct. 19 Got up at 8. Cleaned the cupboard and kitchen. Eudora wasContinue reading “Oct. 18-24, 1918”